Aloe Bud is your self-care companion.

Aloe Bud’s self-care pocket companion supports the highly connected human through small daily victories; like taking a breath or a moment to refuel or refresh.

Reminders from yourself, to your future self.

Aloe Bud is your self-care companion.

It’s not your parent(s), partner, or friend or a random person on the Internet telling you what to do. Aloe Bud is your future self, reminding you to put your present self first.

Aloe Bud brings awareness to the major activities of daily life, using encouraging push notifications, rather than guilt or shame. Helpful reminders from yourself, to yourself; kept within Aloe Bud so you can do you.

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Simple and Effective. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Simple and Effective Aloe Bud is a simple but effective app geared towards improving and managing one’s mental health. The breathing activity is automatically included as a pre-set. Breathing exercises have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. They can also act as a way to look inward and be aware of one’s breathing patterns. They reduce fight or flight response and improve focus. The app also has activities such as medication reminders. I think this would be very beneficial for anyone who has to take medication for their depression, anxiety, or anything else. It keeps everything relating to your mental health in one place.

Maddie Clark


You haven’t given up, and we’ve noticed. Fast or slow, we all grow every day. Keep writing your story, bud!


Breathe in for 4.
Hold for 4.
Exhale for 4.
This too shall pass.


Similar to flowers and plants, water helps us grow. Have you watered yourself today? Just like plants, we need water to thrive. Let’s hydrate!


You are loved and deserve to be here. Reach out and say “Aloe” to a friend or loved one soon.

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