Mental Health With Maddie: Shame, Guilt And What To Do With it All

White lies, as this month’s contributors have shared with us, are good, bad, ugly, hilarious, nefarious or some combination of adjectives. We tell lies for a variety of reasons. Sometimes to get out of something we never wanted to do, sometimes to protect relationships. Sometimes the lies are the smallest and whitest of lies, and sometimes they are big, dark and painful. Sometimes lies are things we tell others, we tell ourselves, we are told by others or we are told by our culture.

  1. Think about what personal values have led you to feel ashamed. Who taught you these values? Your family? Your culture? The media?
  2. Do these learned values truly reflect you? Or do they reflect cultural messages at large?
  3. How can you learn to re-author your own story to reflect your values? Does this re-authoring change how you view yourself and your shameful event?
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