How to Practice Self-Care at Your Work Desk

By: Mia Moore

It’s my goal to share practical tips you may not have considered before, and all of these ideas are either free or very low cost to be accessible to as many as possible.

  1. Succulents need less water and sunlight than the average plant, so they are pretty hearty in an office. (Some will tell you they’re “impossible to kill,” but I have disproven that theory a few times.) Go to a succulent nursery or pick up a few plant babies at the grocery store — you only need one or two to brighten your desk with greenery and life! Plus, plants are proven to increase creativity and productivity while decreasing stress, and giving you cleaner air to breathe.
  2. While not everyone’s job lends itself to regular breaks, a lot of us could be taking more breaks than we do. Try to get up at least once every hour — refill your water, take a lap around the office, say “hi” to coworkers on the other side of the office, anything! Sometimes if I really need to clear my mind, I’ll even walk outside and play Pokemon Go for a few minutes. This is especially important on days where you feel a time crunch. Even a five minute break will do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing on these stressful days.
  3. A group of coworkers started a meditation meet-up every Wednesday at lunchtime, which is a wonderful idea! Meditation has so many proven benefits that it’s impossible to list, but many of us (myself included) still can’t find time to fit it in. So grab a few co-workers and start your own mediation club. Some employers even offer incentives for meditating, so be sure to check on that, too.
  4. My favorite part of my desk is my wall of Instax photos from fun times with my friends and family. I find that reminders of loved ones help keep me grounded. I also keep a few cute things that were gifts — like a Pusheen plush a close friend mailed me — and that has the same effect.
  5. Keep your favorite snacks on hand in a secret drawer — lock it up if you must! Try popcorn, nuts, granola bars, tea, coffee (especially if your office coffee is notoriously bad), cookies, and any other goodies you enjoy. Be the #snackqueen you wish to see in the world.
  6. Did you know that office temperatures are calibrated to be comfortable for men wearing suits? That’s why so many of us get cold in offices! Bring a fluffy blanket to wrap yourself up like a warm, comfy burrito. Or, if your office isn’t blanket-friendly, try a cozy sweater or cardigan.
  7. Did you know a lot of companies will give you ergonomic desk equipment if you simply ask? Look into your company’s policies to see if you can try a convertible sitting/standing desk or a more supportive chair. Even without special equipment, setting up your workspace to be more ergonomic with these simple tips helps you stay healthy and efficient!
  8. A lot of my job involves talking to people on the phone, which isn’t my favorite task. Keeping a tangle toy on my desk helps expend some of that nervous energy. They come in lots of colors and patterns, too — I got one in shiny gold to match the rest of my desk accessories because I’m extra.

What are your favorite easy and low-cost ways to practice self-care at work?

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