Healing from Grief

Healing from Grief

Allow yourself to grieve.

You may want to deny what happened to you, but this is a short term solution. You have to acknowledge your grief in order to heal from it. Allow yourself to cry, be angry, or to feel any other emotions you need to.

Find a support system.

Reach out to your family and your friends. Join a support group for people who are grieving something similar. Talk to a counselor or therapist.

Take care of yourself.

Take good care of yourself physically. Exercise regularly and eat well. When you take care of yourself physically you will feel better emotionally.

Avoid depressants such as alcohol. Alcohol can make you feel more depressed. Not drinking alcohol may be a good idea while you are grieving.

Get back to your normal routine as soon as you can. Having things to do and schedules to keep can help you deal with grief. It may be necessary to take some time away from your normal schedule to grieve at first, but after a while it is more helpful to resume your daily routine.

Prepare for hard times such as holidays or being in places that are reminders.

After you have begun moving on, it is normal to have moments where you will feel like you did when you were grieving the most. By planning ahead you can make sure that you have everything you need when you are in these situations.

It is normal for some people to stay in the grieving period for a long time and for others to only grieve a short time. How much you grieve depends on your situation and your needs. When you begin to move on and stop grieving it is normal to feel guilty. It does not mean that your loss means any less to you because you are moving on. It is natural to grieve and it is natural to eventually move on.

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