Aloe Bud is raising $100K to build Android app and new hires

Announcing the Twitch & YouTube Fundraiser for Android devices

Aloe Bud, the self-care app that provides users with regular reminders to care for themselves, has announced Monday that they will be having daily streams to raise funds for the development of an Android Aloe Bud app.

We are hoping to build an interactive community garden while we chill, chat, study, work, & etc. together!

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On Monday, June 6th, 2022 Aloe Bud along with its Twitch streaming partners are livestreaming throughout the month of June to raise $100,000 for the Android apps creation. Throughout the Livestream, viewers will have the ability to communicate with each other and the streamers via Twitch where they can directly donate to the campaign. On the official Aloebud Twitter account where there is a virtual garden, viewers will be able to watch our community garden accompanying music. The more activity taking place during the campaign, the more flowers and bee’s will be added in the garden with your Twitch handle (or name) above it.

  • $1 donation – Plant 1 weed
  • $5 donation – Plant a random color flower
  • $10 donation – Plant an Aloe Vera
  • $20 donation – Red rose planted (1)
  • $50+ donation – Gold Rose planted (1)
  • $100+ donation – Adopt a bee + Gold Rose
  • 250+ donation – Summon (1) Queen Beeyoncé 🐝

Aloe Bud which launched its iOS app in 2018 thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and now has accumulated 1.3M downloads always had plans for an Android app, it was just a question of when. To bring this dream to reality Aloe Bud is partnering with Twitch creators to bring awareness to the fundraiser and participate in the 24-hour Livestream.

About Founder Serenity Discko

Serenity Discko has spent their entire life at the forefront of the intersection of emerging technologies and community building. Their work starts with their unforgettable work as Community Manager at Denny’s Diner, and spans shaping internet culture in the early days at Tumblr, and launching Femsplain, a community-powered publishing service designed to change the way women are perceived through long and short-form media. They have also worked as a contractor at Google and had their own consulting agency. They have always had a deep desire to re-shape narratives and provide resources to underserved communities, which has been reflected throughout their career.

About Aloe Bud

Designed out of the pure necessity of their own mental health struggles; Aloe Bud creator, Serenity Discko searched the App Store for something, anything to help with basic self-care. After trying and ignoring countless self-care apps and feeling guilty for doing so, finding one that met their needs and lifestyle became frustrating. Serenity believed there was no better time to start designing a gentle, all-in-one personal care app, using their own experiences, affinity for pixel art and the needs of their communities to bring this simple idea to life.

🎉 As a thank you for spreading the word, the first 50 people who share this post on Twitter and send us a DM screenshot will receive a premium feature unlock code.


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