7 Healthy Organization Habits That You Can Learn For 2023


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Following these tips should allow you to be able to manage your time and tasks better as well as reduce any unnecessary stress.

[#7] Setting a Routine –  Setting a routine is key. Setting a routine allows you to have a consistent schedule where you know what to do, and when! Without this, you can fall into not having enough time for certain tasks or neglecting them. It’s important to set a routine for small things such as brushing your teeth or taking a shower, or even larger things such as a project for school or work. Eventually these routines become a habit and at a certain point, it’s almost like second nature if you’re consistent with it!

[#6] Making A To-Do List –   Making a To-Do list is extremely important! Without it accomplishing tasks can be much harder. To-Do lists allow you to easily see what tasks you need to accomplish for the day, what tasks you’ve already completed, and which tasks are left. To-Dos are extremely important both for day-to-day tasks and as well as work, school, or any other project you may be working on.

[#5] Set Goals –  Goals are what creates a roadmap for success. Goals are a great way to check your progress, your accomplishments, and what you should be working towards. Setting goals can be as high or low as you see fit, goals are designed entirely for you and your needs. No goal is too high! 

[#4] Reward Yourself –  It’s important to relax and treat yourself! Allowing yourself to be treated after completing a goal or a task can train your brain to be more motivated to complete these tasks in the future. It’s also really important to make sure you’re looking after yourself and taking care of your well being, because with a negative mindset it’s extremely hard to be more organized and motivated. 

[#3] Make Notes –  Take notes of everything you can! Humans aren’t meant to remember every detail or every task. Writing down notes can be extremely helpful for when you don’t quite understand something or when you have a thought that you want to remember later. Writing something down on your phone or even just a pen and paper can really make a difference, and cut down on the amount of thoughts blocking you from thinking about what you really need or want to focus on most. 

[#2] Decluttering –   Decluttering is important for organization, this can be mentally, physically, or even digitally. Clutter comes in many shapes and forms and can build up and be harder to manage the more you let it form. It’s important to make sure you keep your space clear, your mind focused, and that you know where it is. Some examples of this can be creating folders for specific apps or programs. Physically, this can be getting rid of junk in your work space, and mentally this can include “Brain dumping” by writing down every thought you have in a paper and reviewing it. 

[#1] Least Favorite / Hardest Tasks First  A great way to get important or hard tasks finished and out of the way is by completing them first! Completing the hardest task first when you have the most energy in the day is great because it pushes your biggest issue out of the way, and as the day goes on you’ll find your tasks getting easier and easier. It’s best to arrange your tasks throughout the day by what takes the most time and effort first to least amount of time and effort last.

In conclusion, there are many ways to help with organization. Organization doesn’t always mean to keep everything clean and neat, but to make sure that everything is in order. Without order, comes chaos, and with chaos comes stress.

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